Thirst: An Energy Vampire Novel - Jacquelyn Frank

Thirst book one of the Energy Vampire series didn't leave me as excited as I wanted to be. The story as a whole was well written and as the reader I was able to get a clear idea of who all the characters were. It was the almost sterile nature in which it was written that threw me off. This entry has very good bones and would make an excellent series but with this one something was off.

Usually, in anything that I read there is one thing the draws me into the story but in the case of this one there is a couple of things that was just ... I don't know ... irritating. I know the sycophants are the bad guys of the story due to their impure nature but the sheer repetition of the term is distracting at best. Also, the constant clean vs dirty thing is chaffing but this is one of the main ideas of the story (clean energy sources vs unclean energy sources). Since, this is the case it is necessary to make this idea understood but it is just repeated so often.

As for the main characters, I wasn't drawn to them and even in their romantic scenes I didn't feel the fire but that isn't to say the appeal isn't there. All and all this is a good start to what should be a good series.


~~~Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review~~~