Dirty Sexy Saint (Dirty Sexy Series Book 1)

Dirty Sexy Saint (Dirty Sexy Series Book 1) - Erika Wilde, Carly Phillips How Dirty is Saint Clay?

Well, not as dirty as you think. Clay is a sweet and kind gentleman from the tough side of Chicago who just happens to be a bit kinky. Clay is the product of a troubled/abusive childhood and he is still dealing with the repercussions/internal damaged its left. There's just something about a hero who feels that he is unworthy of love, kindness, affection and intimacy. It just pulls at the heart strings. Especially, when the hero is betrayed by the one person in his past that was supposed to be in his corner no matter what. If a person is never given love or shown affection, how can he or she ever share those feeling with anyone else?

So, when the Saint spots his cupcake a really learning curve begins. Samantha Jamieson aka Cupcake is running from her own demons as well. If Saint Clay is from the side of the tracks then Samantha couldn't be more right. Heiress to Jamieson fortune she is expected to act and behave exactly as she's told. Marry the germophobe that daddy wants, bridle her tongue and live as a virtual prisoner for the rest of her unhappy life. Samantha wasn't willing to do that to herself and once she made that decision her real life began.

What makes this a good read? Both characters are really relatable and well developed. It is easy to imagine Kincaid' s as any neighborhood pub that you might just walk into and find a 'Clay' behind the bar. There's is also an abundance of secondary characters that keeps the reader glued to the story.

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