Gas or Ass

Gas or Ass - Eden Connor Let me start out with … Once upon a time there was a red headed country girl, her looney toon momma, her super sexy step-dad and two newly found – wickedly nice (but most definitely naughty stepbrothers. All these adults were thrown together with the expectation that everyone will be nice. But how can anyone be simply nice when they’re all supercharged from the very beginning?

See, I love a story with a wicked edge, full of angst and characters that can give me multiple holy sh** moments. My first impression(s) of the female lead (Shelby) is that she was having a hard time dealing with a flighty mom (Macy). I was really like poor kid … her mom is a turd and have little or no disregard for her. Then when the story got going my opinion began to change about Shelby because with all of things she experienced with her mom I didn’t get why she was so gullible. Literally yelling at the book “You’re just dumb as hell” and why are you sooooooooooooooooooo dumb. Then again I had to give everything a good ‘think’ (yep a good think). So, this is what I came up with --> ego centric mom + affection starved young woman + self-esteem issues = gullible young woman. If this was her mother’s goal - then mission accomplished. If not, then dear ole mom has a lot of work to do. The male leads in this book are so drool worthy and so very, very wicked. Caine and Colt Hannah aren’t twins but damn they could be. Their looks play off one another (the light hair verses the dark) and the personalities are the same. Caine is broodingly quiet while Colt is the manipulative sweet talker. As the reader I ate it up from both of these leads. The lead Shelby on a merry chase of trying to figure out who was the true bad guy between the two and as the read it was the same.

The author did a very good job with this first installment of the Cuda Confessions because she made me fall in love with muscle cars/American cars all over again. This read was steamy and eye popping with a lot of laughing out loud and peppered with ample WTFs. Got hooked and that’s all there is to that. Overall, rating is 4.5.