Bridenapped: The Alpha Chronicles

Bridenapped: The Alpha Chronicles - Georgette St. Clair Overall this book is a 3.5 and a fun read. The reason that the book didn't get a higher rating was due to the missing words in sentences or the wrong word being used. This causes mini 'road blocks' when reading but it didn't take away from the story much.

Caitlin the female lead has caught the eye of the new Alpha (Kristofer) of the Verhold Pack and he has enacted an old law (Bridenapping) that is no longer practiced. Should she fight her attraction or go to her 'destined mate' willingly? The dynamic the Verhold pack is slightly different than other werewolf/shifter packs in other stories. They have a completely 'old world' vibe about them. The pack has a very distinct cast system going which takes another approached to the typical pack hierarchy (dominant vs. subservient) and it would be interesting to see how this plays out in future books.

Another element that the book has that I like a lot is angst. A good story (to me) would have to have the proper amount of angst and in the case of this book there were two very angsty chicks making havoc. Also, there is a very salty Beta who didn't get enough book time to created more trouble. The only other thing that I'd hoped that the author would have spent more time on was the heroine's supernatural background.