First Moon

First Moon - Michelle Fox One of the only books that I have read that I like the female lead more the male lead. Legendary werewolf (wolf born) Tao is indecisive and a bit irritating with the ‘I don’t knows’ and not being really sure of what to do. He ‘fits the bill’ for the large and attractive werewolf male but it was the female lead (Audrey) making the decisions. There wasn’t much balance between the two in the decision or planning department. So, most of the action happened with Audrey and Tao’s part in the conflict with his brother was getting his butt handed to him on a platter. He is dominant but his character seems to be passive.

Audrey on the other hand I like because she does not fit the average stereotype of what a leading female should be. She is buxom, a bit of a Plain Jane and has the average issues with body type that most women have. Concerning her this is where Tao shines because his character looks beyond how full figured she is and loves her body just the way it is. At least here he made a decision.