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Self-Professed Book Hoarders (SP Book Hoarders or SPBH for short) are book bloggers who love angst filled reads. If its paranormal, fantasy, new adult or young adult romantic fiction we are right there with bells on. We liberally sprinkle our reads with contemporary, historical romance and urban fantasy. We have a staple of main stream authors that we love but it is the indie or new authors that we love to feature. Overall, its all done for the love of reading. Happy Reading Everyone!

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Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss Marry Kill: Iron-Clad Security - Sidney Halston

This was my first read by the author and I can say that I wasn't disappointed. Kiss, Marry, Kill was a roller coaster ride to the finish and it was worth the ride. This was a tale of missed opportunity, getting even and the author did well with the romantic and heartbreaking aspects of the book. The pairing of the two leading characters was well executed with Jax (male lead) the injured ex - Marine who is determined to keep the love he once lost safe and Megan (female lead) is determined not to let him go again. Kiss, Marry, Kill isn't the simple boy meets girl, comes to her rescue, have a brief wonderful time together and then fade into the background kind of story. It happily keeps the reader guessing about who the bad guy really is and how will the hero really save the day. The dynamic with all the characters is well put together and it is easy to see this series continuing with success.

Thank you to author and Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.



Gentry (Wolves of Winter's Edge Book 1) - T.S. Joyce

Good cast of characters with a new take on shifters. Definitely moving to book 2 of the series because i just want to see Gentry (hero of this installment) get his revenge.


The Room Mate

The Room Mate (Roommates Book 1) - Kendall Ryan

Delightful and fun. Younger man with a slightly older woman that was done well.


House of Paine

House of Paine: A Bad Boy Romance Novel - Kylie Walker

This shot off and just never slowed down. Look, I didn't put it down until I finished. Great characters and great storyline. Read it, absorb it and enjoy it.


Scarred (Damaged Souls, #1)

Scarred (Damaged Souls Book 1) - Twyla Turner

Gritty and in your face with domestic violence issues and low self worth. The lead couple was a good pairing because it was so easy to imagine these characters (easy to imagine their interactions). Sloan is strong and solid male lead and Alexis is the perfect scared female lead. There are many good elements to this story but I just had a bit of trouble with the author's writing style. No matter what, the evolution of the scarred and scared heroine is communicated well. As well as the emotional scars that the hero carries.



Wild - Eve Langlais, A.C. Arthur, Kate Douglas Wiggin

Wild brings together the writing talents of Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur. All are great authors in their own right but with story collections like this there's bound to be some that a reader will like more than others.

First up is Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Ms. Langlais and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud in public. The heroine (Lulu) is kick-ass, funny and the back and forth with her male counter part ispriceless. The hero wasn't too shabby either. Brody the were-tiger accountant has a lot to meow about and as a matter of fact his tiger meowed a lot. Well, I guess tigers can meow , especially if they are were-tiger. Anyway, this first entry has a great plot-line, a descent dose of action and and characters that the reader would like to see in further stories. Especially, that sexy alpha Fabian. Now, he's one character to meow about.

Next up is Wild Passions by Kate Douglas. I have to admit that this entry did not capture my attention like I'd expected. Like all of Ms. Douglas' entries, this one was well written with well developed characters but there was just too many to keep track of in such a short story. Like most readers, I expected the head shifter in charge to have his HEA but that just didn't happen. So, I kept reading expecting a three way relationship to develop but that didn't happen either. I found the heroine (Meg the character that I assumed to be the heroine) boring. The secondary female characters stole the spotlight consistently throughout the story and I was foolishly hoping that the male leads (Traker the Alpha and Zach the fiancé) would hook-up or that Zach would be a were or just something that would draw more interest. Don't worry too much about this because there are plenty of other characters with personal issues that will keep readers entertained.

The final entry is Her Perfect Mates
by AC Arthur and this was a treat to read. It was a little dark and a little edgy with strong leads. The heroine (Caroline) is a great pairing with the two male leads (Malec and Channing). I truly wouldn't mind reading more tales centered around all the characters of this novella. Her Perfect Mateshas weres (both wolf and feline), Greek mythology (with a pissed off Zeus) and enough male character with issues to write many more stories about.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for honest review.


Step Beast

Step Beast: (Military Bad Boy BBW BDSM Billionaire Stepbrother Romance) - Selena Kitt

Great read, great read ... bottom line this was a great read with characters and situations that kept me on the edge of my seat or checking over my shoulder to make sure that no one was watching the drool drip down my chin.


Let's start with the characters, Beast is a feast for readers who love that strong, silent, let's get it done type of guy. Character isn't too complicated but he is a joy to read. Tilly is sheltered, trapped, low self confidence and eager to please. At times was contrary just to be contrary and this can work a readers nerves. Were the two leading characters a good match? Well, yes absolutely! In this wasn't a need for two alpha characters. Now, secondary characters were just as appealing as the main characters. There is Liv the over controlling society mom who I swore had a thing for her stepson (Beast). As the reader, I wanted to jump through the pages and smack mommy Liv a good one. Even by the end of the book when everything is made right and forgiven; I was ready to forgive this chick. The dynamic between these three characters (Beast, Tilly and Liv) is just awesome and really pull the reader in. Then there is aunt Meg and her partner Kate who takes part in making Tilly's life hell. Image your mom steals your baby, gives the baby to your aunt without your knowledge and your aunt parades the baby around as her newly adopted son. That's a tail whippin' as far as I'm concerned. Lastly, let's not for the self centered best friend who believes she's the best thing walking.


Now, this story seemed to be two separate stories meshed together. Where the home life and the action sequences never really connected. I don't know if the secondary plot is really needed considering the stuff with the family was so darn juicy on its own. Regardless, I couldn't put it down. 

Thunder Moon

Thunder Moon - a beautiful tale of magic and love - Joanne Mallory

The witch and the healer are drawn to one another and they don't know why. Thunder Moon is a good opening for this new series. Both leads are reader friendly and the story is filled with bits of magic throughout (though I wish there was more). I must mention that I had to Google several terms in order to know the meaning. The story is set in the UK and some of the terminology goes along with the local.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review


Damage Control (Dirty Money, #2)

Damage Control - Lisa Renee Jones

Lisa Renee Jones delivers with Damage Control and the reader is body slammed right back into the drama surrounding Shane and Emily. The romance is heating up and the reader can definitely feel the heat between the sexy leading couple but there is just so much more yummy goodness going on here ... oh my ... no words ... just read it.

There is conflict coming at Shane and Emily from all angles. Will their fall come from Shane's sexy brother Derek who is in deep with the cartels and is determined to take over the family's business interests. Will it be Mr. Brandon (calculating bastard) who is determined to maneuver everyone exactly where he wants them. Maybe, the matriarch of the family is working behind the scenes in order to steer the Brandon family's interests. It will be interesting to see who actually comes out on top. Not to mention, the not so sweet Emily has her own demons following close behind her that will add another level of danger for this leading couple.

This second installment to the series was an exciting read and I wish I had the next installment now. Damage Control is fast paced and will keep any readers eyes glued to the page. This series has that conniving family dynamic with villains you to love and hate at the same time. The book also has heroes that you want to pull right out of the pages into reality. As always, Happy Reading Everyone!

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!




The rating is deserved but I am split on the leading characters. Asa Boone the sexy biker in the Black Skulls was a treat to read. His character was wicked in all the right places and compassionate when needed. I really felt for this character because this character got stuck with an annoying heroine.

Why is Sam annoying?

Well, if you've ever encountered someone who you have adviced not to do something and then they do it anyway ... repeatedly. That was the heroine, the one who would give a light socket a wet willy after you've told her it could/would kill her. She a reporter who is setting out to get the story that would make her career but she was extra for no reason.



Thirst: An Energy Vampire Novel - Jacquelyn Frank

Thirst book one of the Energy Vampire series didn't leave me as excited as I wanted to be. The story as a whole was well written and as the reader I was able to get a clear idea of who all the characters were. It was the almost sterile nature in which it was written that threw me off. This entry has very good bones and would make an excellent series but with this one something was off.

Usually, in anything that I read there is one thing the draws me into the story but in the case of this one there is a couple of things that was just ... I don't know ... irritating. I know the sycophants are the bad guys of the story due to their impure nature but the sheer repetition of the term is distracting at best. Also, the constant clean vs dirty thing is chaffing but this is one of the main ideas of the story (clean energy sources vs unclean energy sources). Since, this is the case it is necessary to make this idea understood but it is just repeated so often.

As for the main characters, I wasn't drawn to them and even in their romantic scenes I didn't feel the fire but that isn't to say the appeal isn't there. All and all this is a good start to what should be a good series.


~~~Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review~~~



Ruthless: A True Brothers MC Novel - Gillian Archer

What a rush and what a darn good story. Archer did a great job of bring Zag, Jessica, Reb, Bobby and the rest of the True Brothers MC to life. A good a story has to have believable characters and characters that are easy for the reader to relate to. So, the author scores points here as well. The True Brothers MC aren't one of those outlaw biker gangs but they don't where halos either. To have the straight laced Jessica stumble in Zag's world changes everything for the both of them. The story is fast paced with a smoking leads and interesting secondary characters. Has a bad guy that I wish made more appearances but when Preacher did show up it was definitely worth the reader's time. Overall, a really good read.



Dirty Sexy Sinner

Dirty Sexy Sinner - Erika Wilde, Carly Phillips

It must be one hell of a blow to find out that you have family you never knew about. Then have that new found family give you the stink-eye because your circumstances I life seem to be different. Dirty talking Jackson is just what the doctor ordered and makes an excellent closer for Dirty Sexy series. This series has provided four beautifully scared men for the readers to fall in love with and Jackson gives all those suffering from Clay withdrawal a much needed dose of the Saint.

The only drawback for the book is that there wasn't enough interaction between the siblings or the work missed out on angsty opportunities. Missing those opportunities is okay because the authors made up for it in other ways. Definitely sad to see this series end but there may be another series being launched from within the pages of this final installment.

~*~*~ Thank you to RockStarPR for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review~*~*~


So Rebellious

Rebellious: A True Brothers MC Novel - Gillian Archer
Even better than the first installment (Ruthless) of the True Brothers MC series. In this installment the reader has the opportunity to read the tale of Emily and Reb and man this was an entertaining read. In Rebellious is like the author knocked on my door and asked what I would like to see in a story and I must say that Ms. Archer delivered.


The good girl Emily mixes it up nicely with our hero (Reb the MC president). These two were a good pairing and it was good to see Emily come out of her shell and trust herself. Both lead characters have a damaged past and a horrible childhood. Emily’s softness helped to gentle Reb’s harsh edges just a bit. The author did something that I just love, the male lead didn't change into some whatever you say dear kind of character. Nothing kills a character more than changing that character's very essence. Reb leads a harsh life but that doesn't stop this character from showing compassion. His generous heart helps him to do good for those he cares for. The interactions between these two characters are a pleasure to read.


In my personal opinion, a good story (especially of this variety) has to have a healthy dose of crazy exes and even crazier rivals. So, the secondary characters in this entry were as entertaining as the leads. With a crazy so to be ex-wife, a young son (love little Tucker) and a rival MC, Reb had his hands full. Like I mentioned earlier it’s like the author asked me what I wanted to see in this story and then she granted my wish.

Little White Dog Hairs

Weregirl - C. D. Bell
he first thing that the reader notices about this book is the cover. The cover image sparks immediate interest and one of the main reasons that I chose it.  I find the cover of Weregirl mesmerizing. 
This is the first book I'm reading by CD Bell and I found that the writing to be very good.  Weregirl is interesting and pulls the reader in.  Nessa wants out of her small town and if she can accomplish this by winning a college scholarship for cross country, then she is going to put all she has into it. So, as the reader off you go with this character as she runs her way to college or maybe that would have been in her future if she hadn't stopped to help a trapped wolf, then was attacked by another wolf, then started to sprout little white dog hairs all over, then got perfect vision, then got bionic hearing and was freaking out every animal she comes across.  Though its a good story I feel that as the reader I didn't get to know the leader character too much. The secondary characters are virtually unknown as well.

I like Weregirl because it captured my interest and I want to know what's really going on. I need to know what's so special about the heroine? Would like to know what's going with a couple of the other kids at her school? Did one of them bite her? Is there a love interest or is she going to be a superhero ass-kicker? What about the environmental issues? Do they play a part in this or any of the other research stuff?

Definite cliffhanger. Wasn't expecting the book to end when it did but I am looking forward to see where the author takes the story.

Fury Scorned

Fury Scorned (New England Furies Book 2) - Nicola R. White

Fury Scorned book two in the New England Furies series started at a light jog and then shot off at a break neck pace. Alex the bad assof the bunch or at least that's what everyone believes. With her tats and career choice everyone believes they have her pegged but Alex will have a few things to show them.

Fury Scorned hits all the right spots. Psycho bad guys, butt kicking heroine(s) and sexy yet confused heroes. The author does such a wonderful job tying Greek mythology and characters into a modern day setting. The concept of Pandora and her box in absolutely brilliant and forces the reader to think of old mythes/characters in a new light. Mostly all who've read anything about the Greek Pantheon of gods know that they are always meddling in human affairs causing havoc in their wake. This is no different and the Furies have to sort it out before its too late.

Now, I would have loved to give this a five star rating but there were a couple of things that threw me off. The first was a romance without any heat. While reading you get to know Alex's character and her insecurities. Especially, her view of whether she's worthy of receiving love but the book was so focused on solving the mystery and the Fury's jealous nature that there wasn't any room made for the romantic portion of this book. Some may disagree with me but unlike Jackson and Tara (the hero and heroine from the first installment) who were constantly featured in scenes together, Alex and Ty were not. Yeah, as the reader you knew that they were supposed to be romantic involved but there wasn't enough interaction of the romantic nature or just both characters being in the same space. Basically, Ty seemed more of an afterthought than the hero and this is too bad because his character is a good one.

The second quirk is minor but it really got me to asking why. I suppose good writing is suppose to make the reader ask questions but anyway here it is. The story revolves around Greek mythology but the god of the underworld is called Pluto (Roman mythology) and not Hades. I wondered if this ties into the author's description of this character's political views but it was enough to make me stop reading and stare for awhile.

The New England Furies is such a wonderful concept and a really good read. A couple of quirk do not take away from the author's ability to tell a great story.

~~*~~Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review~~*~~


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